Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sometimes the best opportunities happen at the most inopportune times

Sometimes the best opportunities happen at the most inopportune times, but that doesn't mean you shouldnt take them.

Last year I was asked to do a radio interview, and I was really excited to have the opportunity. It was the second time I had been asked to be on that particular show, and I felt relaxed with the interviewer, and interested in the topic. It was one of those things that after so many years of hiding from publicity, I was finally almost comfortable with the process. (I have found that radio interviews are pretty easy for me. They are low key--like talking to a friend, and usually they send you the main points ahead of time so you can prep...I recommend this for the PR hungry introvert!)

So, I scheduled the interview and began to think about all the intellegent, witty, articulate things I could say, and then I realized, with feelings of total disappointment that I was going to be on vacation that week.

I knew I wanted to do the radio show, and so I got up the courage and asked the producer if we could set up a telephone interview - and they said no problem! To be honest, I never would have asked before, but because I really wanted to do it, I stepped out of my comfort zone, and onto a limb.

Since then I have grabbed at each opportunity I could, doing several newspaper interviews via cell phone while commuting, one while in line at the Safari in Disney World, and another interview for a radio show while pushing my sleeping baby in the stroller while pacing behind a rack of thongs at Victoria's Secret and waving off the helpful sales girl (they called--I wasn't going to tell them I wasn't available!!)

The point is, sometimes the best opportunities are thrown at you, sometime they will bend for you, and sometimes, you will bend for them. Embrace the challenges, the irony, the hilarity and the shear chaos that these events force upon your life, and take that opportunity!

(c) 2005 Meghan Wier
Confessions of an Introvert


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