Sunday, August 07, 2005

Book Status Update

Here is a quick update on the book status for those of you keeping score--

The book is up to 23,000 words (pre-edited) so for a 6x9 book that should put me at around 112 pages. Not long enough, unless I want to start calling it a "manual". (Which I could still do, however I am thinking there is still too much to say).

So, the "BOOK" still needs a little bulk to it, and the kind of bulk that actually is meaningful, and well-written. I also have the burden of being "occassionally funny " and bringing up an occassional original thought. And as I do more reading, I realize there are fewer and fewer original thoughts.

Lucky for me my mind is mildly warped. There may be an original thought or two left up there.

My plan is to take the week after next off from the clients and the launndry and hang out at the very old "family cottage" on the lake. The lack of an internet connection should drive me totally bonkers, but should help me focus on adding those extra 50 pages or so of "decent" writing.

Still looking at October to start the publishing process.

Preorders will be taken through my website at and through email at

At some point, hopefully before Christmas, I will be hooked up with Amazon and Barnes and Noble.



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